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   Featured Work   


Deus Rex
Deus Rex, is a Belgian born Synthwave/Electropop Film Score music producer and digital artist.  Originally an art director in Atlanta, Rex is a producer and resident DJ.  Deus Rex's synthesizer-heavy production work is influenced by Scifi, 1980s music and films.  

Listen now to "Same Face Different Body" now available everywhere. "SFDB" Is the newest album from Deus Rex,  Its darker take on Electropop flows from cinematic set pieces to nostalgic dance tracks, telling the story of love and loss in an unsure cyberpunk future. “Cybertrap” was originaly offered as a singles collection to be download for free on Soundcloud.  It was re-mastered with bonus tracks and reissued digitally by, NTMVS Entertainment, In May 2017 as a full-length album.

Deus Rex Perch BW web.jpg